It completely depends on the client, their goals and their current position; I would usually recommend starting with anywhere between 4-6 months. This is to ensure the very best progress and results, alongside building in long-term sustainable habits that will last you a lifetime. However, there is a minimum commitment of 3 months, but this can be negotiated upon sign up. 

It varies depending on the package you select, how long you commit to, whether you do the full coaching or just the plans, if you’re a student or not. This is why all costs are discussed individually with each client so get in touch to find out more about that.

Payment is done through stripe, a highly secure and safe payment system. Payment is taken atomically at the start of each phase (every 4 weeks from when you begin) and up until the agreed commitment terms.

I train clients from all over the world so it doesn’t matter what country you are in or time zone. I will accommodate that. International payments can be made through the system, all payments are made in GBP.

This is something that we will discuss prior and I will find out everything I need to from you to ensure you are following the best and most suitable plan for you and for achieving your goals.

Once you have signed up to do the online coaching, I will send you a short questionnaire to fill out where you will be able to input all of your dietary requirements, allergies, food preferences, food dislikes etc. This is so that when I come to writing up your meals, everything in there will be exactly to your needs and preferences so that you can fully enjoy each and every one.

I cater to all kinds of diet so it doesn’t matter what your preferences. That’s where the questionnaire helps me understand the exact kind of food you want in your plan.

The check-ins are all done through my app’s messenger service. All communication is done via messaging as it is the most efficient and easiest for both myself and the client to stay in contact. The check-ins vary but are predominantly a chance for me to see how you’re getting on, how your progress is going, give feedback on any updates or measurements you provide, support and motivate you, adjust your plans, answer any questions you may have – you name it. The amount of communication between me and you of course depends on the package you sign up to.

Yes of course. If you only need help with your training, or you only need help with your diet, you can do either / or and still have my coaching alongside it. The prices would be reduced if you were to do one or the other.

All progress and measurements are tracked through my app which you will have on your phone. Everything from progress photos, to weekly weight ins, to sleep, diet and motivation are tracked (optional but encouraged) and that way I can monitor your progress too from your own feedback which helps me make any adjustments to your goals or with your plans.

As stated above, progress is measured through a number of different variables. Progress photos, weight ins, the quality of your training, diet, sleep and motivation which you score yourself each week. These are all optional but I do encourage my clients to do it all and I send prompts to remind you where necessary. Of course, I can also gage progress through our conversations as it’s not always about the numbers but how you’re feeling too both mentally and physically.

You will have access to everything through my app on your phone. All your plans will be on there alongside the messenger service where we will communicate. You will also receive PDFs of the plans every time they are sent to you to keep forever.