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Delicious Meal Plans

Eating the foods you love whilst still getting results

Breakfast Bagel with avocado

397 kcal
20% protein
50% carbs
29% fat

Chicken Carbonara with mushrooms

410 kcal
29% protein
49% carbs
22% fat

Miso Glazed Salmon & Vegetables

1042 kcal
31% protein
40% carbs
30% fat

Green Smoothie bowl with blueberries

412 kcal
41% protein
39% carbs
20% fat

4.9/5 Rating

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What’s included?

As a member of the club you'll receive tailored training programmes, customized meal plans, 1-1 support and all the tools you need in the app to reach your goals.

Meal Plans

With personalised meal plans that allow you to enjoy the foods you love whilst still seeing the results you want.

Accountability Check-ins

24/7 support in-app and regular check-ins to keep you committed to yourself and your goals.

Habit Building

Lay the foundations and build good habits outside of your training and nutrition to ensure you're improving other areas of your life

Workout Plans

Flexible workout plans tailored to your needs and lifestyle, designed to help you achieve sustainable goals, wherever you're training

Cutting-edge app

Get the most out of your fitness journey with our simple to use, cutting edge app that will makes it easy for you to stay on track and help reach your goals

Progress Tracking

Log your weights, track your steps and other activity to highlight progress and celebrate non-scale victories.

Women’s guidebook on the menstrual cycle and PCOS

We help women optimise their training and nutrition around this to achieve the best results.

About the Coach James Club:

My team of experienced coaches and I are here to help women lose weight, feel confident in their bodies and lead healthier lifestyles. Our programs work around YOUR life and schedule, not the other way round. Because, well, we know that’s what gets you results. We’re not about quick fixes or FAD diets or restrictions. We’re here to give you all the tools you need to lead a healthier life through exercise, healthy eating and forming sustainable habits that will last you a lifetime.

Meet your CJC team, experts behind you every step of the way.

Alex Rawlin

Head coach, female fat loss specialist

Kasia Mazurek

Coach, female strength & conditioning expert

Alex Dunnings

Coach, strength & conditioning expert

Feel Motivated In Our Global Community

Members from all over the world are sharing their journeys, supporting each other and creating a special environment in the app’s community group. By joining you will feel supported not just by us coaches but by all the other members on the same mission: to live healthier, happier lives.

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