Those of you who know me, or at least have been following me for a while (thank you) will know that I take it a little personally when I see either a) Reality TV show dicks promoting Boom Bod b) Wrong information provided by ‘PTs’ with no evidence c) People unqualified giving out information about health/fitness.

The fitness world is a crowded space. Being part of it is like sitting in the house of commons, everyone shouting different shit and waving their hands around thinking they know what’s best. Being a ‘client’ in the world is probably worse though. The amount of noise you must hear on a daily basis about ‘the best way to get abs’ and ‘why you shouldn’t eat carbs’ (fuck off) makes it incredibly difficult to know what the truth is and what’s actually right.

I qualified as a personal trainer because I want to create a significant change in people’s lives both physically and mentally. But to be honest, my knowledge in the fitness industry has come from over 10 years of playing high level rugby and being educated in what to eat, trying different diets, training etc. The term ‘personal trainer’ just means I’m qualified to talk about it and coach people. I’ve learn a lot more through the exams I had to take but it’s like driving a car, you’re still shit at it when you’ve just passed, you get good through experience and practice. Just like personal training.

The problem is, there are so many numbnuts out there who somehow have qualified and they are now getting Tom, Dick and Harry all on the same programme even though they are 3 different people with different targets. It’s frustrating, and there needs to be more regulation to prevent these donuts from passing on their lack of knowledge to naïve and innocent people.

Society tells us we should be and look a certain way and the fitness industry sticks its hand up and says that it can you that look – and shock, it’s only going to take 12 weeks. But the industry is unregulated, even more so now with the boom of social media. People also assume trainers have all the answers but, generally, they’re not experienced and educated enough. So people are being sold a dream that many trainers have no idea how to deliver. The job of a trainer is to manage a client’s fitness and wellbeing, and this goes well beyond just turning up and training someone a few times a week.

Let’s finish with a positive though. Fitness has always been sold around image and this has gotten worse with the dominance of Instagram. But this is an industry that is undergoing change. Consumers are becoming more savvy (I now see a lot of people telling Frankie from Love Island 2016 that it’s not ok to be promoting weight loss products) and the ‘Lose 2 stone in 1 week’ will start to fade. I guarantee you, there’ll be a much bigger emphasis on connecting physical fitness with holistic wellbeing, which is what we should all be embarking on.

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