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James Middleton


Whilst working in his 9-5 office job, James realised that through his passion for fitness and having a healthy mind, he had a greater purpose – to help others realise the power of this too. His new found passion led him to talking more about it on his Instagram which quickly grew in popularity as he began inspiring many to workout, eat well and work on their self-growth.
James’ mission is to help women, no matter their starting point, become stronger and healthy and discover the best versions of themselves. That’s why he created the Coach James Club, an app and team that is dedicated to inspiring and helping women to live their life to the absolute fullest.

Alex Rawlin

Head coach, female fat loss specialist

Alex has been a qualified Personal Trainer and Coach for 5 years and has been the head coach at CJC for over 2 years. Having trained as a professional dancer, it’s fair to say she’s lived and breathed the importance of movement, being active and fuelling your body correctly from a young age. Her main drive within this industry is creating a well balanced approach to changing and bettering the lifestyle for men and women. To create a lifestyle for YOU to lead your most confident life from the inside out.

Kasia Mazurek

Coach, female strength & conditioning expert

Kasia became a Personal Trainer after a couple decades of training as a ballroom dancer. The amount of strength and stamina needed to dance at all day long competitions or hours long shows, has become an inspiration to work within the fitness industry.
Kasia is also a qualified Yoga instructor, so mindfulness plays a big part in her coaching style. Her favourite type of training is strength focused with occasional CrossFit workouts.
She is passionate about helping CJC clients discover their best versions of themselves without turning their lives upside down. Thus, she supports incorporating fitness in an approachable way with many lifestyle hacks.
Outside of work, Kasia loves hiking the mountains with her dog and failing miserably at surfing. She still dances from time to time and has recently danced in a private show for Taylor Swift, although she now mostly focuses on teaching others how to cha-cha-cha.

Alex Dunnings

Coach, strength & conditioning expert

Alex has been a qualified Personal Trainer and Coach for 2 years and working in the CJC for 9 months. Having worked as a chartered accountant for the best part of a decade prior, he knows just how difficult it can be to prioritise your health and fitness goals in and around a hectic working life. He brings that unique experience to help you manage your training, nutrition and lifestyle in an efficient way that works for YOU. Together he will ensure you have everything in place to achieve your goals. It’s his personal mission to help you fall in love with the process along the way, so you can be the most confident and empowered version of yourself.
Outside of work, Alex loves playing tennis, travelling and taking his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on long country walks.

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